Our Partners

Facility Management requires a vast range of specialized professionals and service providers, who manage facilities and handle a variety of tasks across a wide scope that keeps residential and work environments functioning. Our strategic partnership network across functions, geography and on-demand services enables us to provide superior services to our clients.


The Starsight Advantage

Starsight is Nigeria’s leading clean energy provider. They offer both off-grid and hybrid on-grid energy solutions to commercial & industrial clients. They are the largest off-grid solar provider by installation (MW) in the region.

Having a team of seasoned clean energy professionals, their experience is vast and deep, spanning design, engineering, maintenance, and energy efficiency services.

Starsight provides cost-effective renewable electricity and makes your asset more energy efficient. They take care of everything: design of a solution tailored to your needs, installation, operations & maintenance, remote monitoring, and support whenever it is required.

Our partnership with them enables us to integrate innovative forms of energy management into our service portfolio and eventually provide new renewable energy alternatives, all in a bid to be sustainable, efficient, and improve our impact on the environment.


UPDC FM Ltd is a leading facilities management company in Nigeria. We provide top level management, maintenance, care and sustainable power solutions for residential, corporate and commercial properties. 


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