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Our Approach

We first seek to understand your unique needs and vision for the asset to be managed, and then design a solution that consolidates all of your facility services and functions under an appointed team of experts led by a dedicated facility manager. We streamline communication and decision-making between our clients, customers and facility managers to increase the efficiency of your properties and simplify daily operations.

We put great effort into the operation and management of our managed properties to ensure not just suitability for purpose but also cost-efficiency and value creation. Our experience, expertise and technology-enabled solutions help us to develop a strategic in-house team and partnerships with the appropriate skill range and technical know-how to overcome any Facility Management challenges.

Facilities Management

UPDC FM Ltd offers a hybrid management system of outsourced and in-house services. This is to achieve increased efficiency, quality assurance, and cost optimisation. Our methodology on facilities management involves providing a detailed breakdown of segregated accounts (services, utility, etc.) to our clients and/or their authorised representatives monthly.

In addition to the routine account presentation, our clients also have access to review individual accounts (per resident) via our facility management app, Instanta FM. This software allows you to log and track faults, request for online real-time transparent procurement processes, and monitor and control your budget.

energy Management

Power as a Service

Working in partnership with Starsight and their status as Nigeria’s largest off-grid solar provider, we aim to expand our services in the energy sector .

We are looking to provide sustainable energy alternatives that will reduce power cost, carbon footprint and increase power uptime of any of our interested customers, moving in line with UN established Sustainable Development Goals. Starsight is Nigeria’s leading clean energy provider and they offer both off-grid and hybrid on-grid energy solutions to commercial & industrial clients.

Health, Safety & Compliance

Safety is ever at the top of our minds. In the management of our customers’ properties, we are committed to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our clients as well as our team and partners.

updcfm security management


UPDC FM Ltd is a leading facilities management company in Nigeria. We provide top level management, maintenance, care and sustainable power solutions for residential, corporate and commercial properties. 


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