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What type of facilities can you manage?

We operate across different business functions –

We can offer our services to the different sectors – Residential, Commercial, Retail, Industrial, infrastructure maintenance.

What are the services you provide?

We provide the following services –

●      Support, Janitorial,  Security, and Energy Management Services.

What is the difference between property management and facility management?

Property management (PM) is different from Facility management (FM). However, PM  encompasses facility management and lease administration, landlord’s / tenant’s representation.

As a Facility management company, our services include the maintenance and upkeep of the property we are responsible for.

What are the components of your service charge?

These vary based on the assets installed in each estate or property.  The service charge component is usually of two expense headers  –  Power and Services.

What is your relationship with UPDC Plc?

UPDC Plc owns 50% stake in UPDC FM Ltd.

UPDC FM Ltd is a subsidiary of UPDC PLC, responsible for its facility management business.

What is your relationship with Starsight Energy?

Starsight owns 50% stake in UPDC FM Ltd.

Do you have bespoke facility management services?

Yes, you can have a tailor-made plan designed for your property’s specifications and needs.

How do I monitor and track your performance?

With the use of our Instanta FM software, you can track in real-time the state of your property and our performance in managing its facilities.

What is Facility Management?

Facility management (FM) is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency of a built environment by integrating people, places, processes, and technology.

Will I save money from using your services?

We provide a one-stop-shop for all your facility management needs which is cheaper than hiring different entities for different aspects of facility management

I have more questions?

If you don’t see the answer to your specific question or are looking for more information and want to chat about our service, you need to email UPDC FM Ltd on info@updcfm.com