MD’s Message

March 27, 2021by admin-updcfm

MD's Message

UPDC FM Ltd provides top level facilities management and sustainable power solutions for residential, corporate and commercial properties. We were initially established to solely provide management, maintenance, and care to residential estates developed by UPDC. However, the business has since grown to manage 29+ residential and commercial assets comprising UPDC developed and third-party developed properties.

This growth is a result of our proven track record of providing tailor-made service offerings that manage, maintain, and care for our clients’ residential and commercial assets. Our recent partnership with Starsight, a global player in alternative energy solutions is an opportunity to provide even greater value to our stakeholders, through the provision and integration of sustainable power with reduced environmental impact.

We are on a clear path to becoming the preeminent facilities management company in Nigeria and are resolute in leveraging our incredible team and innovative solutions to achieve this goal. We are empowered by an experienced in-house management team with deep market knowledge and a track record for maintaining stakeholder value. We are also grateful for our extensive network of service providers with round-the-clock availability, specialized services, and customer service.

In the light of the new normal and to deliver the best customer experience, we have begun to fully embrace the use of technology to drive the increased efficiency of our services.

With our committed vision and established growth plans, we offer our clients and shareholders considerable growth potential and opportunities for maintaining and expanding their investments within the Nigerian real estate sector.

Lastly, we are truly appreciative of all our occupants, clients, partners, and shareholders, and we look forward to your continued support, guidance, and encouragement as you walk with us into the future.

Thank you.

UPDC FM Ltd is a leading facilities management company in Nigeria. We provide top level management, maintenance, care and sustainable power solutions for residential, corporate and commercial properties. 


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