UPDC FM Ltd aims to be the employer of choice for candidates from a wide range of backgrounds and experience.

Your academic background or university grades may be indicative of your abilities but we go beyond that to learn more about you as an individual and what drives your passion. A first-class degree may perhaps signify diligence during one’s university days, but it may not be a good test of your team spirit or negotiation skills.

We are looking for balanced and well-rounded candidates. Most importantly, we are genuinely interested in each application and the individual behind it. We seek to attract the best and those who aspire to become the best in their chosen fields. We offer several unique opportunities for career development and rewards.

Therefore, if you are applying to join us, your ability to convince us that you have the drive to fit in here and to break out of any constraints must show through. Statements like “it can’t be done”, “no one has tried that before”, and “it’s impossible” are not part of our vocabulary here.

Our entire history at UPDC FM Ltd has always been about beating the odds and setting the standard. We train our people to continue in this proud tradition.


We are transforming Facility Management in Nigeria and are looking to bring on exceptional talent with varied perspectives like you.

UPDC FM Ltd is a vibrant high-performance driven team with varied backgrounds, and we acknowledge that our strength is in our diversity. We want all employees, regardless of their background, to feel respected personally and professionally.

We cultivate a working environment that inspires new ideas, promotes ownership and innovation, and supports highly-motivated individuals.

Are you bright, tenacious, and inventive?

If so, UPDC FM Ltd may be the perfect place for you to grow your career!

Send your CV along with a dynamic personal statement to

UPDC FM Ltd is a leading facilities management company in Nigeria. We provide top level management, maintenance, care and sustainable power solutions for residential, corporate and commercial properties. 


1-5 Odunlami Street, UAC House (1st Floor), Marina, Lagos


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